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Discover construction

Build a life you love. Discover Construction.

Ever heard the saying ‘safe as houses?’ It means, well, safe. Just like a career in construction.

Around 12% of all jobs (73,000 people) in South Australia are in the construction industry. And that number is growing.
Sure, part of that is due to Adelaide’s own growth – but the main reason is just about everything we touch in everyday life is in some way touched by the construction industry.

When you turn on a light. Work out at the gym. Visit the mall. Cook in your kitchen. Plug in a charger. Travel on public transport. Somewhere along the line, someone in the construction industry made it happen. They made it real.

There’s a heap of different jobs available in the industry these days. Tradies are doing everything from laying bricks to building bridges, designing eco-friendly houses, fitting out pubs, installing playgrounds, even using drones to track the progress of their work.

The fact is, there are opportunities everywhere in the construction industry. Especially for skilled workers. So if you’ve got some skills, there’s a whole world out there just waiting to be constructed. And if you don’t have skills, well, CITB can help there too.