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Construction career profiles

200+ Career Options.

We’ve got more jobs than you’ve had iced coffees.

Today there are more than 200 different roles available in the construction industry. Our people design bridges, service and repair wind turbines, protect buildings from fire.. you name it!

You could be a Plumber, Manager, Inspector or Estimator.

There are dozens of trade and university pathways too.

So when we say you’ll find a job you’ll love, we’re serious!

Our industry is full of inspiring people who decided to have a go at a trade and discovered their potential. Here are some you might bump into on a building site.
Meet Amber, a uni graduate turned plumber and site manager.

Then there’s local SANFL champ Cameron, who wanted to use his hands for things other than marking a footy, so transitioned into an electrical career.

While Dan went on to run his own business, employing apprentices making a start in construction just like he did.

You should get to know them. Get to know construction too. Because it really is one of the most rewarding careers going around.