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Become an Apprentice

Become an apprentice. For real.

Flick the switch on your apprenticeship.

Getting started = easy peasy

Finding the right apprenticeship for you is as easy as pulling on your steel caps.

You can start by finding an Australian Apprenticeship Provider. There, you’re half done. (okay, maybe not quite half). But they’ll step you through what’s involved and even take care of your paperwork.

You get options too.

You can sign up for an apprenticeship with an employer OR enter into a hosted employment arrangement with a Group Training Organisation. Either way, you get the same awesome apprenticeship experience and qualification.

What does learning look like?

Good question. So, you learn two ways as an apprentice. One involves your trade, where you’ll work on the job and gain a heap of valuable, relevant experience. The other is through Trade School, which will give you a balanced combo of practical work and theory.

Still at school?

No worries. You can start a school-based apprenticeship and still finish your SACE.