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Explore Construction

Your first step towards an apprenticeship or traineeship is a pre-apprenticeship program that will help you get entry-level training to prepare you for work in the construction industry.

If you are at school, you can choose a flexible industry pathway that will provide you with construction experience and pre-apprenticeship training. Adult learners can get pre-apprenticeship training by undertaking a Certificate II or Foundation Skills Short Course.

Find a pre-apprenticeship program through your school or a 
training organisation.

Construction Careers

With over 200 roles including trade and university pathways — there’s a career in construction for you!

Our industry is full of inspiring people who have discovered their 
potential in a trade.

Meet Amber, a uni graduate turned plumber and site manager. Local SANFL champ Cameron wanted to work with his hands by transitioning into an electrical career, and Charlie who found his niche working in a 
geotechnical traineeship.

Make It Happen

Find an apprenticeship with an Australian Apprenticeship Provider who will step you though what’s involved and help you with the paperwork.
You can sign-up for an apprenticeship with an employer, or a hosted employment arrangement with a Group Training Organisation. You’ll learn your trade working on the job, and off the job at a trade school.
Still at school? No worries, you can start a school-based apprenticeship and finish your SACE.

200+ career options.

Today there are more than 200 different roles available in the construction industry. Our people design bridges, service and repair wind turbines, protect buildings from fire.. you name it!

You could be a Plumber, Manager, Inspector or Estimator.

There are dozens of trade and university pathways too.

So when we say you’ll find a job you’ll love, we’re serious!

Apprentice Incentives

Need a drivers licence? We got you.

Apply Now

Don’t have a driver’s license? Don’t sweat it. CITB will pay for your driving lessons.

Need the right tools? We got you.

Apply Now

Work Equipment Allowance It’s the ultimate gift card - a $500 work equipment allowance that lets you buy the work gear you need

Need new stuff? We got you.

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Like to bank a cash bonus for completing year #1 of your apprenticeship? Boom. It’s yours.